September 2012 Show

Nicole attended Governor-General award winner Kevin Loreng’s play, Where the Blood Mixes, performed by the Teesri Duniya Theatre company. She joined in on a panel discussion that followed the performance. Nicole will be filling us in with a short review of the play as well as discussing how art can be used as a form of healing.

We will also be hearing excerpts read by Preeti Dhaliwal from her short novel, Embodying Geography, and insight about her creative project.

Malek will be sharing a piece on on the anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila massacre.

Finally, Alyssa will look back at the Democratic National Convention and the appearance by former president Bill Clinton who has been romanticized as this crusader for justice, women's rights, and a man of the people. She challenges us to look at Clinton in both substance and policy to come to a different conclusion.

Listen to the show here.