February 2013 Show

Mae interviewed  sex educator and burlesque performer Lorraine Hewitt in Toronto.

In honour of Black History Month, Alyssa Clutterbuck reported on Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, and today's US Supreme Court’s hearings on the matter.  

Malek Yalaoui brought us a report on the sexaul assaults and acts of violence against women in the Tahrir Square protests, as well as on the worldwide day of action that took place this month  calling for an end to the violence.

We also welcomed black feminist writer and critic Christiana Collison as our in-studio guest.  Mercedes Bonair interviewed Christiana on her recent piece “Complicating Space - Safe Space and the Politics of  Privilege and Marginality” which was published earlier this month in the McGill Daily.  

Listen to the show here

January 2013 Show

We featured an interview from McGill artist KOSI whose art will be exhibited next Wednesday, February 6th at O Patro Vys.

Alyssa brought us a report on a story not getting the attention and care it deserves: The survivors of the “Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children” have broken their silence and are now suing in a class action suit for the sexual and physical abuse they suffered, or what one survivor describes as “torture”

Alyssa also gave a small comment on President Obama’s second inauguration and Merlie Evers’ Williams, long-time Civil Rights Activist, who delivered of the 2013 invocation

We also  hosted a round-table discussion about recent headlines this month -- The removal of Kwaanza as proposed by Senator Glen Grothman -- also the controversial film Django Unchained.   

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December 2012 Show

Alyssa reported on the Idle No More Movement, a nationwide grassroots movement to protest the Harper government’s harsh policies and treatment of First Nations peoples.

We also heard from Mercedes about reality TV and its portrayal of Black men.

Spitfiyah also caught up with D’Bi Young, dub poet and playwright, when she was in town for her show last month.

Lastly, Alyssa spoke about Republican opposition to the reauthorization of the  Violence Against Women Act, the main piece of federal legislation which addresses domestic violence, and what it could mean for Native Women.

Listen to the show here.