January 2013 Show

We featured an interview from McGill artist KOSI whose art will be exhibited next Wednesday, February 6th at O Patro Vys.

Alyssa brought us a report on a story not getting the attention and care it deserves: The survivors of the “Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children” have broken their silence and are now suing in a class action suit for the sexual and physical abuse they suffered, or what one survivor describes as “torture”

Alyssa also gave a small comment on President Obama’s second inauguration and Merlie Evers’ Williams, long-time Civil Rights Activist, who delivered of the 2013 invocation

We also  hosted a round-table discussion about recent headlines this month -- The removal of Kwaanza as proposed by Senator Glen Grothman -- also the controversial film Django Unchained.   

Listen to the show here.