July 2014: Actress Tamara Brown, the Occupation of Palestine, Sierra Mannie's Dear White Gays article, the Aaliyah biopic

On this month's show, we had in  studio a special guest, Montreal actress, singer, director, writer, and educator Tamara Brown.  We talked to her about her work as a cofounder of Metachroma Theatre in 2010, an independent theatre company with the mandate of normalizing the presence of visible minority artists onstage.

We also hold space for Palestinians whose lives are threatened by the ongoing siege in Gaza and the latest Israeli military operation, “My Brother’s Keeper”. Gaza is the world's largest open-air prison, where some 1.5 million people on a roughly 140-square-mile strip of land are subject to random terror and arbitrary punishment, with no purpose other than to humiliate and degrade. We have assembled some voices of Palestinian women speaking in resistance to the Occupation of Palestine and the ongoing assault on Palestinians by Israel in the name of Zionism.

Sinmi breaks down the reaction to Sierra Mannie’s article "Dear White Gays: Stop Stealing Black Female Culture" where Mannie critiques the growing cultural practice of some gay white men flaunting the markers of stereotyped black womanhood. What do we think about this alleged solidarity between bougey white gay men and black women? 

Mercedes brings us the latest on the departure of Zendaya Colman from the Lifetime network’s biopic of Aayliah.  This is the latest in a series of controversial biopics of black cultural icons. Is Hollywood whitewashing our singers?

Listen to the show here.