October 2014: Emily Gan, Ninotchka Rosca, Annette Kassaye

Montreal filmmaker Emily Gan was in studio with us to talk about her documentary - Cave Birds - and also about women of color filmmaking in Montreal.  

We also bring you an exclusive interview with Ninotchka Rosca - Filipina feminist, author, journalist, and human rights activist who will be speaking to us about the killing of Jennifer Laude.  

We also spoke with Annette Kassaye. Annette is a transracial, transnational adoptee who does not know her birth parents and is working to raise awareness about the challenges transracial adoptees face in Quebec and the rest of Canada.

Finally, we also discussed Shonda Rhimes’ new television series, How to get away with Murder. How to Get Away with Murder draws us in with the drama, sex, murder and intrigue. We discuss how Rhimes places the spotlight on the rise of women of colour as the driver and powerhouse of television shows.