February 2014 Show: Special Homelessness Marathon edition, Black History Month, Bridget Tolley from Families of Sisters in Spirit, Allison Reid and Nakuset on the "revitalization" of Cabot Square, PTSD in low income neighborhoods and Black-Indigenous collective resistance in Leslie Silko's Almanac of the Dead

This was a special Homelessness Marathon edition of Spitifyah! The Homelessness Marathon is an annual national all day broadcast aiming to raise awareness about homelessness in Canada. Alyssa, Victoria, Mercedes, Gau and Malek hosting this LIVE broadcast from outside the Native Friendship Centre in downtown Montreal.

Happy Black History Month to our listeners in Montreal and beyond! In addition to tackling issues related to homelessness, we celebrated Black history throughout this February edition of our show.

Malek brings you an interview with Bridget Tolley, founder of Families of Sisters in Spirit, an emerging grassroots volunteer organization led by families of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls.

Victoria brings headlines on grassroots migrant justice activism in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Gau turns a critical eye on the recent push from the Ville-Marie borough to “revitalize” Cabot square, which would lead to the displacement of marginalized people that currently use the square as a place to convene. She explored the theme of spacial colonisation in gentrification projects and spoke with Allison Reid and Nakuset from the Cabot Square Project at Urban Aboriginal Community Strategy

Mercedes discussed a recent crisis brought to light by American news sources ProPublica and Colorlines. A disturbing number of post-traumatic stress disorders cases are found in lower income neighbourhoods (such as those with a high concentration of African Americans) in Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago and Philadelphia.

In honour of Black History Month, and the historical connections between Black and Indigenous collective resistance, Alyssa discusses the history of Black-Indigenous connections through the voice of Clinton, a Black Indian depicted in Leslie Silko’s novel Almanac of the Dead. She will read an excerpt from the novel.

Listen to the show here.