January 2014 Show: interviews with Ari Swan and Rosalind Wong, pieces on CeCe McDonald, and Tenelle Star

Up first was a round-up of local and international WOC news stories including the story of CeCe McDonald, an African-American trans woman and activist who was recently released from prison after defending herself from a racist, trans-phobic attack in Minnesota back in 2012.

Victoria had a chance to talk music and culture with recent WOC American artist emigre, Ari Swan.  We discussed her work within the Montreal indie music scene as well as the impact of free improv music in the NDG youth community.  

Malek spoke with migrant-justice activist, Rosalind Wong, about the current climate in Canada for women of colour migrants. 

Mercedes discussed the shocking case of Tenelle Star, an Aboriginal teen who was asked to remove her "Got Land" hoodie in class.

Listen to the show here.