March 2014: Professor Aziza Ahmed on the decriminalization of sex work, actresses Li Li and Liana Montoro from 4000 Miles, American Apparel's Made in Bangladesh ad and the #ItooamOxford campaign

We dedicate this edition of Spitfiyah! to Loretta Saunders.  

This month, we bring you an interview on the intersection between HIV/AIDS prevention, sex work, and harm reduction. Alyssa spoke with Professor Aziza Ahmed about the importance of decriminalizing sex work for HIV-prevention efforts and the rights of sex workers.  

Gau discusses the controversial American Apparel Ad “Made in Bangladesh” featuring the image a topless "former" Muslim woman and her transnational identity testimonial. 

Victoria interviews Montreal actresses Li Li and Liana Montoro, who join us remotely from the Centaur Theatre. They will be performing in the Centaur's production of Amy Herzog's 4000 Miles, which premieres on March 25th. They shared their views on acting, Montreal theatre, films, and what it’s like to be a woman of colour actress in Montreal.

Mercedes addressed the recent social media campaigns of - #ItooamHarvard/Oxford, the stakes involved, and the pushback we’ve been witnessing in our cyberuniverses.

To celebrate the coming of spring, we're playing some of the very best late 1980s and early 1990s WOC tunes throughout the show.

Listen to the show here.