November 2013 Show: Remembering Renisha McBride, bell hooks and Melissa Harris-Perry, and Sarah Malik on the proposed Quebec Charter of Values

On November 2nd, Renisha McBride, a 19-year old African American woman was shot in the head by Theodore Wafer, a white man, in Dearborn Heights outside of Detroit.  Since the  horrific tragedy, Dearborn police failed to charge Mr. Wafer.  After community pressure and national outrage continued, Mr. Wafer turned himself in.  We aired excerpts from a documentary made by Dream Hampton, a filmmaker and writer based in Detroit.  

We also featured clips from a mind blowing conversation between renowned writer, scholar black feminist - bell hooks, and MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry, which took place at the New School for Social Research in early November.  Their dialogue focussed on the black female voice, representation, and subjectivity within imperialist white supremacy capitalist patriarchy.

We also looked closely at the newly-tabled Bill 60, known more popularly as the Quebec Charter of Values. We welcomed Sarah Malik in studio to talk more about the implications of this Bill. Sarah recently hosted a teach-in about the Charter, and is an Equity Educational Advisor at McGill University. The views she expresses are her own, and not the university's.

Listen to the show here.