October 2013 Show: Special funding drive edition, Humera Jabir on the PQ, and Malika Tirolien

Up first,  We take a critical look at the coalition movements that brought the PQ to power in a narrow victory back in September 2012.  As several prominent self-called feminists express their support for the Charter, we ask where are the progressive voices in Quebec denouncing what many are calling racism a la Quebecoise.  We speak with Humera Jabir, a law student at McGill University in Montreal. Her article, “The Hijab is not a Political Tool” appeared in Maisonneuve and was re-printed in the Toronto Star. Her piece  cuts through hardly disguised attack on immigrants, people of colour, and religious minorities in Quebec. 

Malek bring us the women of colour headlines for the month of October covering all the action in another edition of the Spitfiyah news roundup.

Finally, the program featured the music of montreal jazz vocalist, singer and songwriter, Malika Tirolien.  Victoria brings you an exclusive interview with Malika just before she took to the stage with the Kalmunity Jazz Project at Resonance Cafe. 

Listen to the show here.